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Managed Security

Monitored & Managed Protection of Your Expanding Network  24×7

Managed Firewall

Clients are provided with a service whereby firewalls are monitored “24/7” (twenty four hours a day, seven days a week). Our highly experienced certified security specialists will maintain security policies, backups and perform software and patch upgrades.

Managed IPS/IDS

Our security specialists conduct ongoing forensic and trend analysis, and configure the IDS/IPS to control and monitor the health and performance of network security appliances.

We will be alerted when a host violates a configuration policy or attempts to access an unauthorized system. Malware can be detected and blocked utilizing cloud-analytics and Collective Security Intelligence.

Intelys offer a managed logging service to help lower risk, improve security posture and reduce operational complexity.

Managed Logging

Log data is the definitive record of what’s happening in an organisation and is an underutilized important source of truth for troubleshooting issues and supporting broader business objectives. Application logs and other machine data that’s highly variable, and in some cases unstructured, contains important data that traditional log management solutions don’t support or simply miss.

Network Design

Our enterprise and service-orientated technology architecture consulting services, focuses specifically on the networking, security, unified communications, collaboration and virtualisation domains. We also design converged network platforms to support future IT services.

Our key strength is the experience we have gained in advanced technologies at the largest organisations, including banks and other major financial institutions. Our staff has experience working in over 20 countries. As a result, we can take on the most sophisticated network challenges, from high profile security solutions for government organisations, to market data firewall plants for top tier investment banks.

We believe that effective technology architecture is all about creating a robust yet flexible foundation for execution. Our architects have decades of experience in helping top performing companies to design their technology architectures, use it to guide the evolution of their systems and processes, and leverage this capability for profitable growth.

Security Testing

IT staff are often leveraged beyond any capacity to actually test their security and compliance readiness against real-world threats. In addition, IT lacks the independence and often lacks the testing expertise needed to conduct detailed testing of their networks, systems and operations.

Intelys Security Testing and Assessments Services consultants can test your networks, systems, facilities and employees. Through use of real-world strategies and tactics, we determine where your security is strong and where gaps exist that could lead to a compromise. In addition, our testing services help you meet your particular compliance requirements.

Testing services include: Client-side Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning/Management, Web Application scanning, Wireless Security Testing and Penetration Testing.

Security Assessment

Many organizations self-diagnose the security of their networks, systems and information. This self-diagnosis can fall short as the evaluator has other full-time responsibilities within the organization, often lacks the critical thinking skills and technical tools of a hacker and lacks the external visibility into the nature of real-world threats that could compromise your environment. Understandably, if any initial risk assessment is inaccurate, then the effectiveness of any risk prioritization and remediation will be reduced as well.

Our expert security professionals understand the real risks you face and can help your organization prioritize remediation. We know what to look for to identify the real, not just theoretical, risks to your business. Our security consultants will then prioritize their findings and provide meaningful recommendations on remediation. This guidance saves you time and effort as you determine the most effective means to mitigate or accept the identified risks.

Assessment services include: Enterprise Information Security Risk Assessment, General Controls Audit, Information Security Assessment & Risk Analysis, IT Security Audit, Network Security Architecture Review, Physical Security Review and Vulnerability Assessment.

Incident Response

Plan and prepare for your response and incident management while you are not under pressure of an investigation. It is incredibly important not to waste any time and slick procedure with practiced actions is critical to limit damage.

Intelys is able to step in and take full control of the containment, or they can work with your security team.

Ask us about our experience in this field and we will give you the comfort you need to know that you are trusting the right experts – Prepare Now !

Digital Forensics

Intelys has vast experience dealing with post breach investigations in a wide range of sectors, including government, legal, telecommunications, retail & payment card industry.

If you have reason to believe that you organisation has been compromised, don’t panic we can help. It is important to make contact as soon as possible to increase the chances of discovery.

Cloud Security

Intelys Cloud Assessment and Testing services provide end-to-end consultation for all stages of your cloud investment – from initial evaluation and architecture, to ongoing assessments, testing and compliance auditing.

If you are already using a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), our cloud security assessment can determine if you are secure and compliant with mandates for your industry. We measure the security posture of your cloud provider and offer recommendations for a cloud security framework based on your goals and objectives.

Our cloud governance, risk and compliance consulting services help design and calibrate your security operations to help you move to the cloud securely and without risking cloud data security.

When migrating to the cloud, organisations need to consider the wide range of data that could be affected – everything from routine correspondence to highly sensitive intellectual property. We offer a strategic cloud assessment that includes recommendations for data classification and selecting the best cloud solutions based on your data and privacy requirements.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure

Migrating to the cloud doesn’t make security logs go away. Log events must be analysed and correlated to rapidly identify potential threats before damage occurs. Monitoring is also fundamental to maintaining compliance with industry mandates.

You can increase your productivity and stop chasing false alarms with our 24×7 expert management, support and monitoring for AWS and Azure. Our Managed Security Solutions provides integrated monitoring with the rest of your security landscape.

Integrated monitoring involves more than just analytics of volumes of data. Our cloud security experts help you leverage actionable intelligence that identifies true anomalies from routine events.