Choosing the right Transit Architecture for Public Cloud

Source Aviatrix

When choosing a transit network architecture for your cloud environment there are a few things we have learned that customers care about. Transit’s own ability to provide robust networking connectivity is important, however, it is just one dimension of the end-state architectural requirement. Often customers are so focused on basic connectivity that they lose sight of the other dimensions needed. An analogy is building your house. You can’t focus solely on interior design, you also need to consider exterior design, garages, location, accessibility from a highway, availability of basic resources like electricity, water sewer etc. If you build the perfect house, but it’s under high voltage wires, it’s not good. Similarly, your transit architecture needs a balanced approach, where all dimensions are combined to produce a well-rounded architecture.

Now let’s look at some of the aspects you need to consider:

  • Robust connectivity
  • Scale-out transit with pod-like characteristics
  • End-to-End network state awareness
  • Ability to easily service chain (for example, insert a layer 7 firewall for inter-VPC traffic inspection)
  • Operational visibility and troubleshooting

To learn more about these aspects of consideration, read the full article here.