It’s time to Transform your Infrastructure to enable Secure High-Performance Cloud Access from Anywhere

The Information Technology (IT) industry is in the midst of its largest shift in history with the move to cloud, powered by the need to drive digital transformation initiatives now more topical than ever before. These initiatives are transforming all organizations with Multi-cloud becoming key to IT strategy, as organizations figure out the best way to leverage and balance their applications and data in the cloudscape. This shift is creating operational complexity and the pressure created by increased traffic flow has made the need for change imperative.

But the network has fallen behind!

Networks will need to evolve to support the scale of data movement and processing, but the tools to connect multiple data centres and clouds are limited. Many of the common networking technologies of today (Like MPLS) were designed for localised and closed ecosystems typically relevant in the client-server era, prior to the arrival of public clouds. Cloud or Multi-cloud networks will need to be engineered to be dynamic and automated, so that they can respond to shifting cloud workloads in real time. The network architectures, hardware centric designs, and operational models of the past, even when extracted from hardware and deployed as virtual appliances are simply not viable for cloud and multi-cloud networking designs.

As applications become increasing distributed among clouds, it will become more important to deliver automated, secure, and high-performance multi-cloud networking. IT organizations need a repeatable architecture with common services, common operational capabilities, and common security constructs across multiple cloud environments.

At Intelys, our core focus is transforming client networks using next generation technologies to provide secure Multi-Cloud Network Access (MCNA) for campuses, branches, and users. Our vendor neutral approach considers existing investments and focuses on flexibility, agility, and mobility to create a solution that future proofs’ the users to work from anywhere at any time.

Our key focus is to make location, connectivity, and service of both the user and application irrelevant.

Some of the business problems we are addressing are as follows:

  • Defining clients Data centre and Cloud Networking Strategies to facilitate Secure High-speed access to cloud
  • WAN Transformation to future proof your WAN’s to deliver cloud access optimally by leveraging cloud onramp technologies
  • Designing and building the Branch of the Future to handle an elastic work force and provide secure high-performance cloud access
  • Designing and delivering a remote worker strategy focussed on solving the challenges around user experience, IT complexity and Security

We typically work alongside our clients as part of a consulting engagement to develop an independent strategy blueprint on which they can execute their transition against. This includes considering the current environment and mapping the transition to the end-state architecture.

Get in touch with our team to understand how we can assist you on this journey.