The new Citrix SD-WAN 110 devices are a true branch-in-a-box option for organisations of any size.

The desktop-based Citrix SD-WAN 110 devices are a perfect fit for any small or home office branch and drastically reduce the appliance footprint at any location. Whether you have 5 branches or 500 branches, these fanless units will provide all you need to deliver reliable, secure, high performance and robust access to your applications through a variety of aggregated last mile services at an attractive price point.

The 110 units support all the standard Citrix SD-WAN link virtualization features using per packet technology, application-based QoS, SLA-based forwarding and the built-in firewall to name a few. What is unique about these units is the integration of an LTE antenna with two SIM card slots, USB ports for external dongle support and an embedded Wi-Fi access point.

The Citrix 110 comes in two hardware models and supports aggregated WAN traffic of up to 100Mbps.

  • SD-WAN 110-SE
  • SD-WAN 110-LTE-WiFi-SE

Devices specs and highlights include:

  • 4 built-in 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports for LAN or WAN
  • Integrated Wi-Fi with the ability to wall mount
  • Integrated LTE with 2x SIM cards (active/passive)
  • Integrated USB modem support for multiple WAN options
  • Standard built-in firewall
  • Simple to deploy with zero touch cloud-based provisioning
  • Simple to manage configuration and software via the central cloud-based orchestrator

The Citrix 110 unit packs a mean punch, but with the release of the new 11.1.1 feature set, these units will also benefit from the below enhancements:

  • Use of the management port as a data port. This allows you to configure, and essentially free up, the management port and use it as a data port for LAN or WAN. This is available for all 110 and 120 models.
  • External USB LTE modem support for pre-approved modems.
  • Dynamic DNS Service: The Dynamic DNS service feature enables the SD-WAN to proxy the DNS requests for internet traffic to the DNS servers learned from one or more DHCP based WAN links.
  • Appliance user interface refresh for the 110 units.

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