Survive and thrive in your transformation journey!

Relentless change is the new normal and digital technologies are redefining the way the world works and lives. Business leaders must continuously transform their organizations to ensure relevance, efficiency, and competitive advantage. Technology is increasingly indivisible from the business, and frictionless interactions, pace and security must be the everyday currency.

How will your organization survive and thrive in this environment?

Research shows that most organizations are struggling to meet the challenges of transformation and achieve improved outcomes. Many of our clients have a target vision of what they need to transform, but they do not always know the best path because the journey is complex and requires a new methodology and approach that typically does not exist in traditional corporate structures.

The transformation journey also has a host of common landmines:

  • Competing priorities across multiple business functions
  • Simultaneously balancing business as usual and trying to execute against a transformation strategy.
  • A mismatch between workforce capabilities and new business requirements
  • Increased cybersecurity threats that are increasingly difficult to navigate
  • Extracting less than expected business value from the changes.

At Intelys we have developed a neutral approach and methodology that assists our clients in navigating this landscape to ensure that they maximise the business value. Through our own learnings we know this is tough to navigate and so we will look to share some of our insight to assist you in kickstarting your own journey. Our ‘Transformation Survival Kit’ will be shared via a series, here in the resources section of our site, and will be focussed on key transformation considerations in the following areas:

  1. Datacentre Network Transformation: Enabling your network to deliver against a Hybrid-Cloud or Multi-Cloud Architecture
  2. WAN Transformation: Next Generation Network Technologies to Reduce Cost and improve agility, visibility, and control in your network as well as cloud onramp for lowest latency cloud access.
  3. Building the Branch of the Future: Designing and building the Branch of the Future to cater for an elastic work force to securely access applications from anywhere.
  4. Remote Worker Strategy: Designing and delivering a remote worker strategy focussed on solving the challenges around user experience, Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Effective Mobile Data Management.

We recently collaborated with a large client in the Insurance industry in South Africa and delivered a strategy blueprint in each of these areas. This project has successfully aligned their vision with their technical and business requirements to accelerate their transformation journey and ensure they extract maximum business value from their transformation initiatives.

We hope you enjoy the reading and look forward to engaging with you when you are ready to kickstart your transformation initiatives!