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Our data centre locations

Our data centre locations include Teraco, Liquid Telecom and Xneelo.

All of our colocation locations are strategically located, highly interconnected and our local team of engineers deliver the highest level of remote hands support.

We understand that migrating to a colocation facility is not only daunting but expensive due to the inflexibility of the colocation providers. We offer a flexible, secure and resilient consumptive based model where our clients can consume colocation space per U in a shared cabinet option at any of our datacentre locations.

Flexible, secure and resilient

All three locations are triangulated with our own high-speed fibre network called Crosspoint. This enables our clients to cross-connect between facilities or access strategic exchange points like NAP Africa and the Teraco exchange at affordable prices. This service is ideal for clients seeking flexible, secure and resilient hosting for a small amount of equipment. 

We are the ideal partner for your entry into a colocation facility!

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