Network Aggregation

Seamless Scalability with SNAP.


Our Carrier Service Portfolio has been developed with the primary goal of giving our clients complete flexibility and scalability across multiple network providers, as well as seamless managed connectivity across various last mile technologies. This is made possible by our secure network aggregation point (SNAP), which is hosted in a carrier neutral facility (Teraco).

Client entry point into Teraco

SNAP offers clients a number of benefits. Firstly, as part of SNAP, your company has access to our multi-tenanted SD-WAN gateways which provide scalability, as they are consumed as a service.. In addition to this, you’re also able to leverage our peering at NAP and the Teraco exchange, as well as gain access our partner interconnect model which facilitates direct access to cloud provider edge nodes like Microsoft as well as multiple IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and SIP providers who have a presence in Teraco.

This translates into easy network transition, with little complexity or risk. The system is easily deployed and facilitates client entry point into Teraco with an “As a Service model” as opposed to investing in your own rack footprint and core network. Most importantly it is supported around the clock by our skilled team of engineers.

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