Secure Mobile Data

Complete flexibility tailored to suit your requirements.

Our SASE Secure mobile data internet solutions are built on
a Zero-trust Network Access (ZTNA) model.

This optimises your mobile data spend and ensures that your users and their sim cards only have access to business-critical applications. Our Mobile Data solutions offer complete flexibility and can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Delivered as a contract data bundle our offering provides the following benefits:

Reduced mobile data spend

Lowest cost per MB

Pro-actively managed top-ups

Complete visibility and control

Automated reporting

Data abuse prevention

Complete control of egress point

Fast delivery times

We also provide a variety of next generation security options which enable granular visibility to all traffic across the APN and prevents abuse of data bundles.

Controlled Egress Point Options available:

Our Wholesale Internet APN enables flexibility and control and is delivered via a controlled egress point in one the following options:

1. Basic firewalling on the APN

  • Basic firewall can limit destination to public IPs, DNS, and specific URLs
  • Direct Internet breakout via APN
  • Add SASE options from Zscaler Netskope
    • Secure Web browsing via a full security stack with all the in-depth protection you will ever need
    • Private Access - Seamless, zero trust access to private applications running on public cloud or within the datacentre

2. Intelys Managed Next Generation Firewall

  • Internet Breakout via Intelys SNAP environment in Teraco
  • Full security and UTM Feature set available

3. Client Firewall in Teraco Isando

  • Internet breakout and security via client infrastructure
  • Cross connect to client rack required.

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